Memory Lane pt. 1 – Don't Look Back in Anger

Memories can be different. Often they come down to two things, something you want to remember or something that other people won't let you forget. We like both of those categories and to be honest we can't tell them apart.


Denim never goes out of style but fashion does. This video from Fashion Week Sthlm 2010 shows a more edgy and contemporary side of the brand.  Edit: After watching it a few times we are not longer sure if fashion goes out of style.



Why look in different directions when you can focus on one? Whether being a fan or not, these guys sure knew how to dress. This pic from 2013 shows that even when you can afford them all, Harry Styles still went with our super skinny fit. 

So are we a real Doctor? No, at least not in a medical sense but we are always looking out to cure the world from illfitted jeans. The campaign of 2011, pictured right, was our cheeky way of letting everybody know that we've got yr back. 


Dr. Denim was actually born Dr. Denim Jeansmakers in 2004. Above is a picture from 2006 of the founders office/ factory/ flat where it all started. Rumor has it that they did not sleep until 2017, working 24/7 to meet the demand for denim.